Why go green?


There are so many reasons to choose a greener alternative to plastic plates:

  • Recycling them isn't always effective. Most recycling centers are unable to recycle plastic plates due to their shape. 1 
  • They're harmful to your health. Both paper and plastic plates contain chemicals known to cause cancer. 2 3
  • They take hundreds of years to decompose. Disposable dinnerware is used for a matter of minutes, yet ends up in our streets, landfills and waterways and stays there for hundreds of years.

For these reasons and more, avoiding single-use plastics at weddings, birthdays and other events is a no-brainer. It's an accessible, affordable opportunity to take a stand for the environment (while turning a head or two). 

By choosing a greener alternative, you're preventing thousands of single-use plastic plates from ending up in landfills, our oceans, and ultimately, the food we eat.

The best part is that the exponential impact your choice can have. By choosing a more eco-friendly option, you have the potential to inspire every one of your guests to do the same at their next event.

What will you choose?

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